CIMC Secure Page not opening in Firfox while works for Chrome and IE.

While working on my UCS box I came across a problem, where the GUI/CICM page would not load on my Firefox browser while it worked fine on Chrome and IE.Doing some search I found that this has been already reported by Cisco under the Bug # CSCun04933.

Following error is observed while trying to access CIMC web page

SSL received a malformed Server Key Exchange handshake message. (Error code: ssl_error_rx_malformed_server_key_exch)

When accessing CIMC web page with Firefox web browser version 27.0 and above.

Change the max TLS version in Firefox.

1) Go to about:config
2) Search for ‘tls’
3) Change ‘3’ to ‘2’
4) Restart firefox

The workaround has worked for my issue seen on my Firefox version 35.0.1.


Double click on the Preference Name to change the value.

Hope this was helpful.

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